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Leveling System

[1] Everyone starts at Level 1 no matter the experience a player has in SIMming. To gain in level the player must start and complete a mission with the team. This takes between two to four months depending on how well the story is moving. No player who joins halfway through a mission/story is eligible for level increase at mission/story end. There is no level cap at the moment.

Upon attaining a new level the player is allowed to select a new Weapon/Ammo/Biotic/Tech skill from the table below as long as they meet the requirements to attain such a skill. Some of the below have prerequisites before the player is able to select the skill of their choice and they are listed below as well. A player may not select a skill they already have a second time.

A player doesn't have to pick a new skill at advancement of level. He/she can wait until the conclusion of the next mission/story to make a selection. The player is not allowed to select a new skill during a mission/story.

Players who use skills they are not "trained" on will receive a written warning from the SIM command staff for the first offence. If the player commits the offence again he/she will be removed from the game. The game managers/master/hosts want to create a even, challenging, creative, fun writing experience for all the players on the SIM.

Available Skills

Green Text Skills available at Level 5. Red Text Skills available at Level 10. Click on the skill to learn more about it.

Assault Rifle Heavy Pistol Sub Machine Gun (SMG)
Sniper Rifle Heavy Weapon Shotgun
Ammo Biotic Tech
Armor - Piercing Barrier Cloak
Concussive Shot Charge Combat Drone
Cryo Ammo Lift Cryo Blast
Disruptor Ammo Nova Damping
Incendiary Pull Decryption
Overkill Shockwave Electronics
Shredder Singularity Overload
Warp Slam Sabotage
Ammo Cool Down Stasis Hacking AI
Multi Hit Ammo Throw Incinerate
Advance Ammo Cool Down Warp Turret
Advance Multi Hit Ammo Biotic Cool Down Tech Cool Down
Multi Hit Biotic Multi Hit Tech
Advance Biotic Cool Down Advance Tech Cool Down
Advance Multi Hit Biotic Advance Multi Hit Tech